WEB App Specialist

Specializing in Client side development. i want to work in a team that provide a top-notch ICT solutions to transform life and bussiness.
If you're a business seeking a web presence or are looking to hire, contact me here.

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  • Design + Development

    Clean, modern designs - Implement responsible web design principles to ensure website renders well across multiple device.

  • eCommerce

    Integration of eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, and more.

  • Security

    User authentication and data validation.

  • Mobile-friendly

    A responsive design makes your website accessible to all users, regardless of their device.

  • Website

    improve page performance, SEO, or user experience


Article Management System2019

A platform that connect Writers and Readers.

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Bouncer eCommerce 2019

An eCommerce platform to order electronic.

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Express Dashboard 2020

A react Dashboard. Powered by React, ChartJs, etc.

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A react application that allow users to view and search Lord of the Ring characters and cats. Powered by React, React-Redux, redux-thunk, SASS, Axios, React-js-pagination, RESTful API, etc.

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Bank Transaction Fee Calculator 2019

A react application that allow users to calculate Bank transfer charger. Powered by React.

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User Dashboard 2018

A responsive user Dashboard. Powered by HTML, CSS, and Javascript

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Transcorp Hotel 2017

A landing page for transorp hotel.

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Naija Recycler 2019

A waste collection and recycling platform.

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Mobile Application

Loan App

contact App

Task Scheduling App